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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie on the latest Sox Loss:

Guillen compared it to kissing a girlfriend each night, hoping it finally is time to go further, before she once again announces it's time to leave.

"I don't have the answer. You have to ask the hitting coach [Greg Walker] and the players. The only thing I can do is wake up tomorrow and keep rooting for these guys. Hopefully, the talent starts coming out."

More Ozzie inside.

Ozzie on the bullpen:

"Sisco's throwing the ball good. Aardsma's been throwing the ball good. They are real happy with the way MacDougal is throwing. If they continue to get better, obviously they'll be up here."

Ozzie plays the World Series card:

Guillen isn't one for excuses, but he believes the team deserves the benefit of the doubt in the court of public opinion. "Everybody forgot that we won the World Series a couple (of years) ago. It's a shame. They waited 88 years, then all of a sudden, we stink. We know that we stink. We know that don't play well right now."