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Crasnick tries to guage trade market

In a rare free insightful baseball piece on, Jerry Crasnick takes a look at the impending trade market.

As much as White Sox GM Kenny Williams hates to give up on a season, Chicago's recent 3-14 3-15 slide increases the chances of Jermaine Dye and Mark Buehrle switching addresses this summer. Not that the price will be cheap.

"I've heard the White Sox want the farm for him," a National League official said of Buehrle.

The top two teams he lists as buyers, the Braves (in search of a starting pitcher) and Dodgers (in search of a power hitter), are loaded with prospects and are perfect potential trade partners for the Sox.

He lists Adam Dunn and Mark Teixeira in connection with the Dodgers, but says Texas' price may be too steep and Dunn too defensively challenged to draw their interest. He also questions whether the Braves would be willing to part with either Saltalamacchia or Escobar. Though with their SS depth, I question why they would be so reluctant to deal Escobar, a guy without dominating minor league numbers.