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White Sox Quotes of the Day: John Danks, Ozzie Guillen

Danks on how he's pitching lately:

"I just have to get ahead of batters a little more efficiently. Try to make them put it in play a little earlier than 3-and-2." "stop picking in the early innings so much." (2nd quote)
"I'm concerned about him," said Guillen, who is monitoring the rookie's workload carefully. "He's throwing good. He's always deep in the count, heavy pitch count every time. We try to make sure he stays away from heavy counts. He's always in 3-and-2 with people."
MacDougal is back:
Prior to tonight's game at Pittsburgh, the Chicago White Sox recalled right-handed pitcher Mike MacDougal from Class AAA Charlotte and designated right-hander Bret Prinz for assignment.

And the latest Palehose 7 strip: The Continuing Adventures of Captain and Legend

And look inside for Walker's opinion of Fields' swing.

Walker on Josh Fields:

"His swing plane has been out of whack a little bit, and he's gotten his body in some bad positions to hit. But a young player like that, we are just letting him play and getting a feel for him. We told him just be Josh Fields and that the same things working down there will work up here."
Should I be worried that Walker doesn't like Fields' body position?

Freddy, which guy did the Sox miss most? Rowand? You? The Truth?

"I think 'El Duque' [Orlando Hernandez], you've got to keep that guy somehow. Everywhere he goes ... I mean, he played in New York, Mets, Yankees, Chicago -- he's got something, man."