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White Sox Quote of the Day: Don Cooper

Mark Gonzales writes Dr. Coop wants Contreras to regain the velocity of his fastball [down to 90 from 94]. How? With a return to his overhand delivery making better use of his lower body:

"His velocity is down a bit. We had a nice sideline [workout] Saturday, and the words that apply are rhythm and legs. There are times he wants to stop and then generate power again. And his right (drive) leg needs to be aggressive to home plate to help the rhythm and tempo and continue his delivery to the plate."

Cooper used the analogy of a car that goes 60 m.p.h., comes to a dead stop and then tries to resume the same speed.

And Coop wants Jose to "stick with two arm angles and eliminate the third-quarter delivery that affects the sink on his forkball."

Update: Jose's says:

"My fastball is not there yet. I just have to work through it. I feel healthy, and that's the good thing. My arm doesn't hurt."