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Konerko thinks Sox kan still kontend

I am writing this "recap" at 6:30 Central Time, 41 minutes before first pitch, over 3 hours before Contreras officially takes another loss. -- [editor's note, by The Cheat] The Sox offense was able to make Contreras' 5 runs stand up. Who knew? -- I'm writing before the game because Kenny Williams called a meeting to discuss the future of the team with Ozzie Guillen... and Paul Konerko!

You read that right. For the second time in the last 3 months, Kenny Williams called upon Paul Konerko for his advice on roster decisions. Back in Spring Training, Williams talked to Konerko and Jim Thome about the makeup of the club while we were questioning the roster construction. Konerko and Thome predictably said they liked the club, and thought it was a championship contender.

Today, Kenny asked Konerko if he felt the Sox could win this year. And by win he meant the division. The AL Central. The one with the Indians, Tigers, and Twins. The one that will take at least 95 wins to make the post-season. Konerko, as was to be expected, argued for the team to stay intact.

What was he supposed to say? Kenny asking a question like that, twice, is like your girlfriend asking if she looks fat in those jeans then asking the same question three months later when she's gained 45 pounds and ripping the seams as she busts out of those same jeans. Kenny, you don't need your boyfriend to tell you your team is still the best in the division. The rest of us think your team's fat.

I can't wait to read the morning papers for the juicy quotes that came out of the meeting and the Sox resurgent offense that rattled out 10 runs. World Series, here we come!

Update (wiz): Here's Kenny:

"One of the things that I talked to Paul Konerko about—and I brought him into our meeting because I wanted a player's perspective on this thing—was, 'Do you guys still believe you can win? If you believe you can win, I'm more inclined to stick with it, to ride this thing out, and if we have to go down with the ship, we'll go down together.' He expressed to me that this team can still win. But we've got to start to come together in a lot of facets in a very short period of time."