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Javy, timely hitting remove Sox from funk

For a night, the White Sox resembled a good team. There was a starting pitcher lasting 8 innings for the second consecutive night, competent relief work by the under-utilized closer, and timely hitting by our long-lost #2 hitter. It was almost enough to make me overlook the 0-15 by the 3-6 hitters. Almost.

* * * * *

Speed does not make you a major league ballplayer -- Just ask Herb Washington or Joey Gathright -- but it's generally a skill for which you shouldn't have to pay a premium. On Friday night, Jerry Owens showcased some speed the likes of which we haven't seen in a White Sox uniform this season.

It was only one game -- and we'll need plenty more to truly judge Jerry Owens' long-term usefulness -- but for one day he made us remember what it was like during those 3 months Scott Podsednik was healthy. Owens beat out a infield hit, stole second with ease, and generally made the advertised speedsters currently having their mail forwarded to the trainer's room look slow by comparison.

I'm not making any judgements one way or another after just one game. I'll just be happy with the win. They've been scarce lately.