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Ozzie calls team a Joke; I can only laugh

Hey, it's nearly 11 o'clock here and I almost forgot to put up recap of Wednesday's game. I'll give it all the effort the game deserves...

Things are starting to border on comical, as the White Sox season has devolved into a baseball version of Murphy's Law. At this point, I'm just hoping that Jermaine Dye and Mark Buehrle remain healthy before their eventual trades.

We've long passed the point where we can be critical of Ozzie's in-game strategies, because, simply put, it doesn't matter. No matter what lineup he uses, no matter what pitcher he calls upon, the end result is the same; another Sox loss. I mean how else do you explain Jenks blowing the two games in which he was used outside of convention, the latter on a 3-run HR to a 37 year old with under 150 major league at-bats.

Hawk's desperation was palpable during today's game. He nearly busted out cursing when Uribe's line drive in the 8th landed safely in whatever. I could only laugh. Did he expect Uribe to go 4-4?

I just keep telling myself that each loss brings us one step closer to a brighter future. And I have a feeling we'll start to see things changing as soon as the Cubs leave the Cell on Sunday.