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Mark Buehrle still a White Sox

[Boston Globe]

The [Red] Sox have no interest in parting with prospects such as outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury and pitcher Clay Buchholz, the types of prospects White Sox GM Kenny Williams almost certainly would seek in return.

Word of Boston's interest in Buehrle is almost certain to accelerate the interest of other teams in need of pitching, and the [Red] Sox expect both the Yankees and Mets to be serious bidders.

There's only one team in baseball with just "Sox" written on their jersey, and they don't play in Boston.

My favorite article of the day comes from the NY Daily News.

GM Ken Williams has let it be known that any member of Chicago's rotation, except for Jon Garland, can be had. The Mets could have interest in Jose Contreras, who is signed through 2009, at the right price. Mark Buehrle is a free agent after this season, but Minaya has been averse to parting with top prospects for rentals.
I would assume that Danks is also off the table in trade talks. But the best news is that Contreras' contract has made him attractive to other teams, while many of us view those two-and-a-half more years as a scary thought considering Jose's age and current fastball. I'm sure there will be Mets scouts on-hand for Jose's next start against the Royals, against whom Jose has generally pitched very well.

Elsewhere, columnists are doing Kenny's job for him. In the Daily Herald, Barry Rozner says the Dodgers are the best fit for Buehrle. Meanwhile, St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell wants the Cards to give up AA catcher Bryan Anderson to get a Buehrle deal done.

I think the price for Buehrle should be higher for St. Louis, since he is very likely to resign there without hitting the free agent market. If he's traded anywhere else, I don't think he'll be quick to sign an extension. He'll feel like he owes it to himself to see what the White Sox and Cardinals have to offer on the open market, and the Boston or New York isn't where he wants to spend the next 5+ years.