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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Greg Walker, Ozzie Guillen, Don Cooper

Greg Walker's words of wisdom:

"I always start with giving the pitcher credit. The lefties from the Cubs (Rich Hill and Sean Marshall) threw the ball well. The guy from (Monday) night, I can't really come up with a good reason why we struck out against (J.P.) Howell. ... Well, I don't like 'em [strikeouts], and sometimes they're not the worst thing in the world, but the amount we're talking about is not good. Same old thing. There's nothing different. The same problem that's causing us not to hit is causing us to strike out. Some of that is anxiety. Some of that is not being good."
Yes, "not being good."

Ozzie on the pizza promotion:

"I'm going to buy a ticket [for the game tonight]," Guillen joked. "I feel bad for the people donating the pizzas. They're probably going to go out of business."

And the latest Palehose 7 strip: The Heart of the Legend

Coop inside.

Cooper on the bullpen:

"We had all these good power arms. But it goes to show you, power without strikes, without command, without conviction, with total lack of fear and competing, it doesn't amount to much. We're heading in a direction where we might be making some changes. If those changes occur, what I'm looking at now and for the rest of this year, I'm looking for guys who will step up, pitch in tough games, you can rely on them, help us win games. They must be tough physically and mentally and go out there and take care of their responsibilities. It may be on-the-job training. If we go in another direction and changes are made, we're going to make sure how many games we can win with who are the right guys, the winners. We know who the winners are. We know the guys who spit the bit, so everyone is on notice."
Is the 2nd sentence an indirect shot at Kenny?