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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Ken Williams

Are you looking to trade potential free agents for prospects Kenny?

"I've started to make calls. But I have not made or even thought about any phone calls with regard to any of the prospect-type deals -- moving a [potential] free agent for a prospect. That's not how my mind works. My mind works completely the opposite. If we're going to do something, we're going to do it along [talent-for-talent] ends. ... But you have to be very, very mindful when you have a team that you think is not playing up to its ability and that [has] a track record. You better be very careful not to pull the trigger too quickly because if you look, Minnesota's won two or three divisions by sticking with exactly what they've had and believing in it. ... If you've got talent and you've got ability, we've got over 100 ballgames left, and that's ample opportunity to get our ship righted. But at the same point, when I'm not happy with something, it's just my nature to try to improve it."

What about putting Fields in left?

"The short answer to that question is he's going to be an impact guy. I think if he was here right now he would be an impact-type guy. We're going to have to start exploring ways to try and get him up here. More thought needs to be careful thought because the issue with me is Joe's back. Taking Fields off of third base and then Joe happens to go down. Now we don't really have the everyday guy to go there, and if Fields has been spending most of his time in left field, for instance, now you try to put him back, how much has he lost? How fair is that to the kid? That's the difficult decision to make. ... Josh Fields, I think, is ultimately going to be an All-Star. I think he's going to be a special player."

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