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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Ozzie Guillen, Ken Williams, Mark Buehrle

Ozzie on Crede's situation:

"I talked to him about it. If that thing doesn't get better tonight or tomorrow, it feels the same, I don't mind, I'd rather lose him for 15 days than three or four months. When you have back problems the way it is, yeah, you can play through it, but you don't know exactly what it is."
"It makes me glad I didn't move [Fields] to left field. [Crede's back problem] was the fear. But Joe has been playing with this for a while. He's trying to gut it out. It's admirable. I'm not upset, but I wish he had felt he could have come to us and told us sooner he was struggling physically. We all played. This game is hard enough to play when you're healthy."

Buehrle on the hunt for No. 100:

"For me, personally, yeah, I like to win. But we are 7-4 in my starts," said Buehrle, who fell to 99-69 as part of the White Sox eighth loss in 10 games. "I'm trying to hold us in there. I'm sick of saying [winning No. 100] is going to happen. Let's hope it does some time this year."

BTW, here are John Sickels Top 12 Pitching Draft Prospects and Top 12 Draft Hitting Prospects (latest). Anything that jumps out?

Oh, and the former Venezuelan soap opera actor, aka Ozzie Guillen, returns to his acting roles.