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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Joe Crede, Ozzie Guillen

Crede on his back:

"We have a little recurring pain in the back right now, we got a MRI done yesterday and saw a back specialist today over at Rush. He saw the herniation in the back and there's fluid kind of irritating the sciatic nerves in the back. It's something we're going to try to calm down. We're still going to see two different specialists, a guy in Texas - Andrew Dossett - and the guy (Robert) Watkins in LA and get their opinion. We're going to get the most information we can, see what the best route to go is, whether it be an epidural or we have to go in clean out the fluid. There's several opinions they have on these types of things. We're obviously going to weigh all our options and see what the best way to do it is and see what's the fastest way to get back out on the field and feel the way I did before."
"He's [Fields] going to be my third baseman, and when Crede gets healthy, we see what happens."
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