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Ken Williams says he won't give a no trade clause to Mark Buehrle

Scot Gregor has an update on the Buehrle negotiations. Kenny, will you budge at the insistance to not give Mark Buehrle a no trade clause?

"No. I cannot build a championship team if I do. The short-term and long-term ramifications are just too great."

According to a source, the Sox offered Buehrle a limited no-trade clause similar to the ones they gave first baseman Paul Konerko and starting pitcher Jon Garland.

While they want to keep Buehrle, the belief is the Sox won't give him a full no-trade clause for two reasons. First, key contributors such as Konerko and Garland didn't get the same deal. Second, the White Sox are worried that players they try signing in the future will also want full no-trade protection.

If Kenny won't budge at all and Buehrle's gone, I don't see why Kenny won't give buyers the 72 hour window. It will assure us of a greater return. I don't think there would be any chance of the Sox signing Mark in the offseason. What do you think?

And look inside for some Boone Logan.

Nathaniel Whalen has an interview of Boone Logan. Here's an interesting part:

What's your favorite food?

Any particular type of steak?
The ol' T-bone, or what y'all would call a porterhouse.

Where's the best T-bone you've ever had?
To be honest with you, probably our own. We actually raise our own cattle, then butcher it, then we'll get them cut the way we want them. So we know what's put into them. We feed them protein and stuff. They're probably the best, our own.

Do you ever get attached to them?
No. Hell no.

The front office/marketing dept./etc. will love this:
What's the funniest thing a fan has ever said to you?
Not much bright stuff coming out of stands. They're just a bunch of idiots.