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Joe Cowley wants to help Kenny:

Time to sweeten the pot, Kenny. The Dodgers reportedly won't trade slugging youngster Matt Kemp for Contreras straight up? Well, I see your Kemp and raise you a Lance Broadway. Broadway has been jumped by at least three other minor-league prospects in the Sox' system, and the right-hander's soft-throwing style is now outdated with the new Williams draft philosophy. Contreras and Broadway for Kemp and a few lower-level pitchers who someday could develop into something, and the Sox still have a starting rotation four deep? That's a good day.
Would Broadway be enough?

Ozzie says they considered bringing up David Aardsma or Andrew Sisco but decided they would be better off in Charlotte [and brought up Hager]:

"We're going to leave a couple of guys in the minor league for good to make sure they mature, continue to get better."
That explain Sisco's outing yesterday (9H/8R/8ER/2HR in 0.1 IP). He was disappointed he wasn't called up.

The Rockies were interested in Buehrle:

According to a major-league source, Williams received an inquiry from Colorado regarding Buehrle shortly before re-signing him. The Rockies also inquired about pitcher Jon Garland before shifting to Jose Contreras, but the Rockies were unwilling to part with top prospects Franklin Morales or Ian Stewart.

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