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Ozzie says he's out of options

Ozzie says he's out of options in the bullpen:

"There aren't many options, if you're looking at this year. At least this year. Maybe next year you have more options because a couple guys in the minor leagues are growing up quick to be around. We tried everything in the bullpen. We put up different setup men, anyone who throws the ball better, we put in the eighth and if they fail, I put somebody else."

Guillen said he's unlikely to use closer Bobby Jenks for more than four outs in any outing.


Kevin Goldstein has his "Top 100 Stock Check." Here are the Sox entries: 58. John Danks. 69. Ryan Sweeney. 72. Josh Fields.

***** has an idea:

Garland would be a useful addition for Colorado. I imagine Williams would only trade Garland if O'Dowd gave in on Morales or Stewart. Maybe the teams could agree on Contreras for Ubaldo Jimenez instead. Jimenez has a lot of talent but has shown poor control for most of his minor league career, especially in '07. Such a swap still seems advantageous to Chicago but I could imagine Williams asking for Jimenez. Pitching coach Don Cooper has a knack for fixing control problems.
I hear 'control problems' and wanna run away after the 2007 'control problem' experiment...