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It's For the Best

Sleep and work got the best of me this weekend, allowing me to catch all of two innings of White Sox baseball. I'm pretty sure that's a good thing, but...

  • When I check out the box scores on my cell phone, I have to say that the first two guys who I need to check and see how they did are Jermaine Dye and Josh Fields -- Dye in hoping he can get hot in what may be his final weeks in a White Sox uniform and Fields for his continued development. I honestly (a wink to winningugly) think to myself, "If those two shared great days at the plate, I'll be a reasonably happy person for the night." Well, it looks like Dye is beginning to understand that the baseball season is, in fact, in full swing, as he launched two homers today for a total of three in the four-game set. I asked for a week of "hotness" from Dye -- hopefully a 6-for-14 series at the Jake will convince a GM to give the Sox a B prospect. On the other hand...
  • Jose Contreras continues to stumble. I did catch part of the first inning (before my eyes shut on me for the better part of four hours) and was somewhat happy to see his fastball back at 90-92. Still, however, the end result doesn't look pretty. What was the problem today -- getting hit hard when dropping down, no forkball?
  • It is July 15th, just 16 days to that trade deadline. It seems fairly obvious to me that Dye is a goner, but what about anybody else? Will Kenny shock us (or me, at least) and trade Garland or Vazquez for a better package of players than he'd get if he traded Contreras? Is Contreras even tradeable at this point and, if he is, is the better move to keep him until the winter hoping he bounces back a bit or trading him for anything right now? And finally, is Iguchi going to be a sought after commodity?