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What velocity drop Ned? He's fine. He hit 94 on Sunday.

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Tony Jackson of the LA Daily News says the Dodgers have shifted their focus away from acquiring a bat to a pitcher. One of the pitchers they're looking at is KC's Octavio Dotel:

The Dodgers also have heavily scouted the Chicago White Sox, probably with a focus on right-handed starter Jose Contreras. But he is 35 and is owed $20 million over the next two seasons, and his velocity has dropped considerably.

A source close to the White Sox said the club might want Dodgers shortstop prospect Chin-lung Hu, the Most Valuable Player of Sunday's All-Star Futures Game. But Hu is another player the Dodgers aren't likely to deal.


In other things, Jim has some timely videos: Ehren Wassermann, Carlos Vasquez and Paulino Reynoso. And Jeeves tries to pick Kenny's mind.

Update: It's Wassermann:

The Chicago White Sox optioned right-handed pitcher Nick Masset to Class AAA Charlotte following last night's victory at Cleveland and purchased the contract of right-handed pitcher Ehren ("Aaron") Wassermann from Charlotte prior to tonight's game with the Indians. To make room for Wassermann on the 40-man roster, the White Sox transferred third baseman Joe Crede from the 15-day to the 60-day disabled list.

As SSH2005 mentioned, Phil Rogers says that Arizona was showcasing Conor Jackson at LF for the Sox on Monday. They're also shopping Carlos Quentin. And with the emergence of Justin Upton they may consider moving Chris Young.


And a little plug. The other day I downloaded the latest release of SeaMonkey. SeaMonkey is the continuation of the Mozilla Web Browser. One of the new features I find most useful is the real time spellchecker (it wasn't build in previous releases). It spellchecks every form you fill, like the message boxes here and in every other message board. If you type something that's misspelled, it underlines it with a red line, so you can fix it before hitting post. Very useful.