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There's more in there says Ken Williams

Kenny confirmed that Nick Masset will join Charlotte's starting rotation. He also sees something many don't in him:

"Nick still hasn't shown us what we scouted. There's more in there. There's more velocity, more break to the breaking ball, more downward action and more sink. So, what happened between this offseason, whether it's fatigue or winter ball or whatever, we have to get a handle on it and start asking some real questions. You get more real answers when a guy takes a step backwards. Now, he's got to try and figure it out a little bit."
He also commented on Erstad's rehab assignement:
"It's been a month since he's really gotten any at-bats, so he needs to get some at-bats. He needs to be sharp before we bring him back. The same with [Scott Podsednik]. And they need to show their health. I don't want another repeat of what we just went through."
Can we infer anything about their tenure at the South Side?