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Ozzie Guillen wants Captain Dunkin (aka Juan Uribe) to get on base

Ozzie on Uribe and his SS plans:

"I talked to him in Spring Training and said, 'We need you to get on base and steal more bases.' He's got from now until the end of the season to show he can do that."

The team has a $5 million option for Uribe in 2008, but Guillen readily admits there are not a great deal of viable choices to replace him. Depending on what the White Sox decide to do with Tadahito Iguchi, Minor Leaguer Danny Richar could move into a starting role. Guillen also plans to give Andy Gonzalez some time at shortstop during the final two months.


In other news, the Sox plan to convert righty Adam Russell (AA-Birmingham) to a reliever and Baseball America has its Top 25. Gio is #24. And Phil Rogers praises Ehren Wassermann's "grit and mental toughness." He also says there is "almost no doubt" the Brewers will trade for a starting pitcher.