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Kenny's Club Band

Are you surprised, the team is tied for last in the AL Central Ozzie:

"Not really. Especially when we left for spring training we thought we had a pretty good ballclub. This is not an excuse, but if you don't finish first, it doesn't matter. That's the way I look at it. I said that last year. If you don't finish first, who cares where you finish? Second, third, fourth, you go home. Second place you got better hopes than last place, but it's not any different. The only difference is the next year you pick higher in the draft. But besides that, it's not any different. You go home and watch baseball like everybody else."

This is one seriously hilarious picture over at Jim's SoxMachine blog. Put down any liquid you might be holding/drinking, before you click the link.


In other news,

  • The Indians and Red Sox are interested in Jermaine says Robothal. Other logical fits can be the Angels (Stoneman is looking for a bat) and Cubs. Kenny isn't afraid to trade Dye within the division, but he wants an elite prospect in return.
  • As SSH2005 mentioned, Buster Olney, via Peter Gammons, says the Braves offered Edgar Renteria to the Sox for Jon Garland and the Sox declined. Doesn't Yunel Escobar make more sense for both sides here? The Sox don't need a 31 year old SS, and why the Braves would be looking to trade their starting SS this year?
  • Charlie Haeger won't get the start at the 2nd Game of Tuesday's DH. The starter will be Gavin Floyd. has him scheduled to start the 1st game.
  • Ozzie won't bring up Gio and Russell.
  • Tonight, Billy Pierce will join Charles Comiskey, Minnie Minoso, Carlton Fisk, Luis Aparicio and Nellie Fox when his statue is unveiled on the Cell. He will also throw the ceremonial first pitch.