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Pods doesn't like it in the basement

Pods wants to hit on the top of the order:

"I would rather hit first or second. That's where I can best utilize my tools and my skills. It's not that I'm not going to play that type of game wherever I might hit, but I've just grown a sense over the last couple of years of leading things off and getting things started. I want to be that guy who provides that spark. ... I would much rather be leading things off and getting things started, as opposed to hitting later in the lineup."
Ozzie's testing Pods' health level and deferring to Jerry Owens:
"Pods was our leadoff guy for three years and we know that. But, in the meanwhile, when you miss almost a year and you have somebody playing [well], then you have to earn the spot back."
BTW, Gavin Floyd will hang around the team for a few days. UPDATE: He will be tried in the bullpen.