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Buehrle takes revenge

Remember the May 31 game between Buehrle and Halladay? Buehrle pitched a gem but lost 2-0, on 1-run homers off him from Aaron Hill and the Big Hurt. If I remember correctly, Toronto didn't have any baserunners on that game. Well, Buehrle and Halladay matched swords again tonight, but this time Buehrle got the 2-0 win, with a 2-run homer of Halladay courtesy of the "XBH hit machine" that goes by the name of Jerry Owens (his 1st Major League homer). The gametime was a quick 127 minutes (2:07). Buehrle displayed his fielding skills too by covering 2nd base and throwing John McDonald out on Juan Uribe's throw in the 6th, and by covering 1st and throwing Greg Zaun out on Paulie's throw in the 7th.

This also was Danny Richar's debut and a good debut it was. He hit a single on his 1st at-bat in the 2nd and another in the 7th to set up Owens' 2-run homer. Richar, also, turned up both double plays balls he got.

One more note; Josh Fields throw to 1st for the last out of the game was similar to Joe Crede's throw to 1st for the last out on Buehrle's no hitter.


BTW, Fautino De Los Santos threw one scoreless inning and Michael Dubee struck out the side in his one inning tonight at Kannapolis.