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Why Ken Williams won't give a no trade clause to Mark Buehrle

More on the Sox refusal to give Buehrle a no-trade clause:

During Williams' long talk with the media, he was asked a question on the mind of many fans. With Buehrle's importance to the organization, both as a player and representative in the community, why couldn't the White Sox extend the full no-trade clause in this special case? Basically, would this one exception cause a problem in future free agent negotiations? Williams explained how that maneuver could present a major issue with future high-impact players.

"As soon as you do that, everyone who comes through the door to the negotiating table is going to be expecting the same. Whatever free agents you go after, they will also be expecting the same treatment. Now, having said that, I can completely understand -- and I talked to [White Sox chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] about that today -- we completely understand him wanting and requesting it, and it's not really a matter of us not desiring to do it completely. It's a matter of business practice and how that's going to affect the next day, the next player I attempt to sign, future free agents down the line. The ramifications just are... Boy, they could turn you into a team you're not going to enjoy seeing," said Williams.

After Buehrle's camp rejected the team's offer on Friday, Williams put in a personal call to the left-hander to explain the no-trade provisions the team was prepared to offer and how the White Sox were not planning to pull a sign-and-trade with one of the top commodities on the open market. Williams added how the White Sox have not heard back from Jeff Berry, Buehrle's agent, since the offer was turned down. When contacted on Monday night, Berry gave the impression of how his side is standing firm with the full no-trade desire.

"Mark is willing to forego free agency and has made no secret of his desire to remain in Chicago. In return, he simply wants assurance that he will stay with the Sox for the next four years," said Berry.

If they don't want to give Mark a no trade clause, give him more money. Like Jim said Kenny wants "the moon and the stars."

What does Mark say? Look inside.

[Toni Ginnetti]:

"No matter what happens, they will always hold a special place in my heart. But I don't think I've made my last start here. I'm 100 percent sure I'll make my start on Saturday. If you think this is the end, I don't feel that way."