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Ozzie Guillen is not a fan of Barbaro

Back before the season started, we were all questioning the White Sox roster construction, saying they lead the league in 4th outfielders." When Brian Anderson appeared to be on the outside-looking-in at the end of spring training, it was a common refrain among the commenters that he'd be starting "as soon as Pods or Erstad hit the DL." We may have missed the boat on Anderson, but with Pods and Erstad both in the midst of their second trips to the DL, we had no trouble foreseeing the problems with carrying two oft-injured, sub-.700 OPS outfielders.

Ozzie Guillen finally sees the problem with carrying one of them.

"He's unreliable, there's no doubt," manager Ozzie Guillen said. "Now, he's got a different injury. Now, it's not his legs. Now, it's his side. It's important for the ballclub to have a guy like him, but in the meanwhile, when you can't count on a guy day-in and day-out, it's hard. I know Pods is upset, he's sad. ... Right now, it's hard to say I count on this kid when I know I can't."
That quote effectively ends Scott Podsednik's career on the south side. I wish I could say the same for Erstad, who will probably be penciled into the leadoff spot once again next opening day.