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Back in Black

I'm back among the living, but trying to catch up... Before I clear my feedreader is there anything I absolutely need to read from the past week plus? What about trades/rumors/etc. that I may have missed? I saw that DLS missed a start and pitched an inning from the pen. What's the news there? Did Ryan Sweeney take a vacation as well?

On the Iguchi trade
For most of the year, I was sure that Tadahito Iguchi would bring very little return in a trade. But when I read that Jose Valentin out for the Mets, I remained hopeful that Kenny might be able to get something useful and close to the majors. Alas, it appears that the Mets didn't have much interest at all, and that my original thoughts were spot on.

While it would have been nice to get something of value in return for Iguchi, I don't think the trade was a bad one. Like Kenny said, the deal is largely about seeing Danny Richar against big league pitchers. Much of my skepticism regarding Richar comes from the fact that I'd never heard of him prior to the trade. Now we'll get to see if Richar really has figured out how to put his tools to use on a baseball field.