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A Beautiful Day for a Baseball Game...

maybe a little too beautiful for Scott Podsednik. Podsednik provided another adventurous moment in the outfield when he dropped a line-drive that would've ended the eighth inning. Toronto went on to plate four in the eighth for the 4-1 victory.

  • Interestingly enough, perhaps the fans have started turning on Podsednik a little bit (NOTE: I'm obviously not talking about a majority of the posters here.). When he came to bat in the bottom half of the eighth, a small but audible percentage -- I'm in a numbers mood, so I'll say 15% -- actually booed Podsednik.
  • Up until that eighth innng, this was a very enjoyable game from a baseball sense. Vazquez and Marcum were on their games, combining for 13 strikeouts and just seven hits allowed. And it's not like hitters were lacing the ball right at defenders -- there were very few hard hit balls in this game.
  • A small part of me thought Konerko had been traded today (I was at the game, if my earlier comments hadn't given that away). Apparently there was an article out a few days ago that said Konerko would sit for a few games in this series, but I didn't see it. And when I couldn't spot Konerko from section 115 anywhere on the bench, I figured I would see a message pop-up on the scoreboard that Konerko had been sent to Anahiem for Casey Kotchman, Ervin Santana and a prospect. Needless to say he wasn't traded, although his name has been thrown around in rumors over the past couple days.
  • From where I was sitting, I was impressed with Gavin Floyd's one inning of work. It looked like he had a really good breaking ball working -- not the curveball we've heard so much about, but a slider that was registering at 85 MPH. I will say I was a little dissappointed that he wasn't 'letting it loose' a bit more, only topping out at 91 MPH in his one inning of work, but hey -- I'm not going to be the one to nitpick a scoreless inning from the bullpen.