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Ken Williams says let the kids play, Mark Buehrle wants a no-trade clause

Kenny says it may soon be the time to 'let the kids play' (Owens, Sweeney, BA):

"If we don't start to make a run really quickly, then you may see for the first-time guys get an extended opportunity, where we haven't had that luxury in recent years -- to give guys extended opportunities, which accelerates their growth, their growth and security at this level. It's difficult to develop at the same time when you're trying to win, but it's a necessary component if you're going to continue to develop a solid core of players to rely upon."
Ozzie's feelings about Sox prospects are well known ("nobody impressed me," none of them is a legit major leaguer) but Kenny is preaching patience:
"I know the people in the stands can't see it just yet because they only have to judge what they've seen out here, but the speed of the game at the major league level takes some adjusting. I'm a developing guy, a scouting guy, a developing guy; I've been through this drill before. Sometimes it takes a while, and I'm patient. ... Jerry [Owens] has all the abilities and capabilities in the world to be a top leadoff hitter at the big-league level.
"Sure. I don't get down that easily on guys. I probably, at this point, I probably have more confidence than they do."

Buehrle's agent, Jeff Berry, says Mark won't sign if the Sox don't give him a no-trade clause:

"Mark is not going to waver on his desire for a full no-trade clause. If he can't play where he wants, which is Chicago, then he'll re-evaluate it at the end of the year when he is a free agent."
Berry also said that if Buehrle gets traded, he won't sign an extension but will enter free agency. This decreases kenny's bargaining power, yes?

In other news, Aardsma was sent down, Whalen thinks Floyd will be called up (UPDATE: It is Floyd), and Jim looks at a potential Mackowiak trade.