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Mark Buehrlre doesn't like the publicity of his contract negotiations

Mark doesn't like all the publicity of his contract negotiations:

"Whatever it is, I'm sick of seeing everything in the paper. I just want something to get done. Every time I come in here it's constantly, 'I'm trying to kind of hide from you guys so I don't have to talk to you all the time.' I'm reading rumors and seeing stuff. Just get something over and let it happen already."
He also confirmed his agent's 'no extension if traded' comment:
"As far as coming back here?" Buehrle said. "I'm going out to test the free agent market so I'm sure the numbers are going to be a little more than they are right now. If I do get traded and go to some team, I'm not saying that I wouldn't re-sign with that team. But I'm to this point in my career, so why not go out and test free agency and see what else is out there."
And on seen packing his stuff:
"Read whatever you want into it," said Buehrle with a smile. "You can say I got traded now and I'm packing my stuff if you want. I'm just getting some stuff out of there. I've been meaning to do for a while."