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White Sox allow 20 runs in the first game of double header

And it's still not a team record for futility. In the last 50 years, the Sox have allowed 20 or more runs in a game 3 times; they gave up 20 runs in the second game of the 1998 season in Texas, 21 runs in the first game of a double header with the Red Sox on 8/30/70, and the debacle today.

Using Bill James' game score, Garland's poor start (-11) was the worst of the last 50 years by a White Sox pitcher. Poking through the invaluable Baseball-Reference Play Index, we can see that there have been only 22 other starts in the last 50 years in which the starting pitcher gave up 12 or more runs. Jon Garland and Jason Marquis appear twice on the list which includes Minnesota closer Joe Nathan.