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Guess the player!

Beneath the thick layers of dirt, scars and bruises is an All-Star outfielder. ... "He's an All-Star, and they can never take that away from him," Sox hitting coach Greg Walker said. "He has played like an All-Star in stretches. ... The kid can play. For all his talents, his makeup is better. That makes him the player he is. His makeup is off the charts. I've never seen him down one bit. I've never seen him come out with his head hung down. "He's a workaholic. His energy is phenomenal. It enables him to work as hard as he does and keep upbeat. I've seen him frustrated here and there, but ... I've never seen him doubt himself. It's not like he has been a perennial All-Star, but he has that inner belief in himself."
No Googling allowed! And the answer is...Aaron Rowand