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A frightening journey into the mind of Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie on why he didn't have Jerry try to steal but had Fields try to sacrifice on Tuesday's and Wednesday's game:

"I don't know how good the percentage Owens is going to be safe (16-for-19 entering play Thursday). Fields is the second hitter, I got my third and my fourth hitter right behind him. If I move the guy over just because I feel I have a lot of confidence, I already have that game tied and have nothing to lose. The percentages, you never know. I'd rather play safe than feel sorry. I played safe twice and safe don't work, well, it's not my fault. I understand (the questions), but Owens isn't Rickey Henderson. He's a kid and he might get thrown out or have a bad jump. You see Owens steal second and third with two outs and have Konerko hitting? Those are the little things you have to worry about. … I want to play safe. Besides that, Konerko and Dye are swinging well and that's what we're going to do."

Hello Steve Stone? Teddy Greenstein says Stoney is a hit on the Sox booth, and there may be an opening in it soon:

The Sox and radio partner WSCR-AM 670 have until Nov. 1 to inform Chris Singleton whether they will pick up his option for 2008. They are likely to meet in mid-September to decide. It would be stunning if they opt against pulling the plug on the awkward Singleton-Ed Farmer pairing.

If there is a radio opening, would the Sox ask Stone to fill it? The only negative for WSCR is it might lose Stone as its baseball analyst because he wouldn't be able to watch many Cubs games.

Or what about TV? Could the Sox pair Harrelson with Stone and slide Jackson to the radio booth? Both broadcast teams then would have the desired former pitcher-former batter combo. The Sox might have to sweeten Jackson's contract to get it done.


In other news,

  • Pods may be on his way to the North Side.
  • Kris Honel isn't leaving baseball, just the Sox.
  • Jose will remain in the bullpen for now, Floyd will start Saturday, and Danks will start, instead of Jose, on Sunday. Contreras' next start is scheduled for next Friday (August 17).
  • Ryan Sweeney resumed batting practice and could soon return to Charlotte's lineup. And Donny Lucy will probably be placed on the 40-man roster after this season.
  • Dewon Day and Adam Russell may be headed to the Arizona Fall League to play for Phoenix under AA-Birmingham manager Rafael Santana.
  • Mark Gonzales updates us on the Sox draft signings.

And here's the latest Palehose 7 strip: The Fall Concert Tour.