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Ozzie Guillen thinks Josh Fields can do less defensive damage at 3rd base

Ozzie says 3rd base is the best position for Josh Fields simply because he can do less defensive damage there:

"I always say when you play the infield and you make an error, that's one base. If you play left field that's two bases, and you play right field that's three bases. I don't know if we're going to keep him at third base, but just in case when he makes an error, we have a chance for the double play."
Even if Crede wins the 3rd base job next year, Ozzie isn't sure it would be a good idea to try Josh Fields in left:
"Right now, I think he has to put his attention to third base. He's in the process right now to learn, and he's a quick learner. Right now, I'm going to let him play. Spring training next year, then we'll start working on what we need to work."

Jose Contreras credits his improved location and velocity to a correction of his balance in the mound:

"I was pitching off of my back foot. My balance was off, and I was pushing off of my back foot. I was pitching with my upper body, but not my lower body. That's what happened with the velocity. It was getting to me going out every start and not having it. They did the right thing putting me in the bullpen and letting me relax and find that confidence."
Couldn't he correct his balance 1 month ago?

Speaking of Conteras, SI's John Heyman says he has cleared waivers, and the Dodgers may be interested in him. The Sox would've to take some of Conteras' salary. thinks/speculates the Sox could take on a bloated salary from the Dodgers, like Nomar's $8.5 mil or Furcal's $13 mil, to balance things out.