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Stating the seemingly obvious

The White Sox are in a tie for last place, have scored the fewest runs in the American League, and have the second largest (negative) run differential in all of baseball. They are a terrible baseball team.

While I couldn't have predicted they would be this bad, I wasn't even remotely optimistic about the season. Before the Sox had even played a game that counted, I was saying things like this...

Ugh. I could go on. It just sucks that I feel so poorly about the season when it hasn't even started yet.

Now I can imagine what Gleeman felt like last year with Liriano opening in the pen, Lohse in the rotation, and the left side of the infield [filled] with immobile out-makers.

If only the White Sox were quickly able to recognize their errors and have the minor league talent available to quickly fill the holes they've created by relying on a bunch of talentless grinders.

What's worse is that those in charge were unable to see the poor roster construction, and have been unable to quickly react to the complete dearth of major league talent on the current roster. And if these quotes from Ozzie say anything about the about the future, it's to expect more of the same.

"This year, I take the blame because we thought we had a great ballclub and we didn't play the way we thought we were going to play. When we lose, I take the blame. When we win, it's the players."
You have to worry about the future of the franchise if Ozzie is to be believed.
"Like I've said, we're not going backward, we're not going with kids," Guillen said. "Kenny told me we're getting a team together to compete."
If they're using the same talent evaluators...
  • who think that Scott Podsednik, Darin Erstad, and Jerry Owens are good ballplayers
  • who were unable to see that Alex Cintron was begging to be DFA'd as soon as he couldn't throw a ball in spring training, and still carry him on the roster to be substituted for Jim Thome to bat in the 9th inning of a 1-run game
  • who compiled a bullpen full of potential, light on substance. (even though we thought it was a good pen at the time)
  • who couldn't find room for the recently waived Nick Masset on the 40-man in the middle of the '05 season, but 18 months later thought he was a key piece of the '07 club despite having only a very brief run of success in the minors.
...we're in trouble.