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White Sox make more history

First, stealing from The Griddle:

The White Sox and Yankees each hung up an 8-spot in the second inning at Yankee Stadium. The 16 combined runs shattered the previous high for total runs in the second inning by two.

The old record was 14 and it was done three times, most recently by the Indians (6) and White Sox (8) on September 2, 2001. Chicago won that game 19-10.

The most runs scored in any one inning is 19 by Washington (14) and Baltimore (5) of the American Association in the first inning on June 17, 1891.

The 8 runs a piece by the Yanks and White Sox was just the second time in baseball history that two teams each scored 8 or more runs in the same inning. The previous time was on May 8th, 2004 when the Tigers scored 8 runs in the 5th inning only to be bested by the Rangers 10 runs.