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Who's the face of the White Sox?

Didn't find anything worth mentioning today, so let's discuss Merkin's Sunday column where he looks on BA's future:

The only gripe Anderson has with the White Sox deals with not getting a "fair shot" at the start of this season, when Anderson hit .117 in 17 at-bats as the team's 25th man. Anderson felt more opportunities should have been afforded him to hit against left-handed pitchers.

After being sent down to the Minors, the 25-year-old also didn't understand how Luis Terrero was called up to play the same role after Anderson beat him out in Spring Training. With no disrespect to Terrero, Anderson called the move "a low blow."

General manager Ken Williams answered Anderson's questions, adding that he hopes this top prospect's unbreakable spirit to stay at the Major League level plays out like those in the same situation before him such as Joe Crede, Jon Garland and Aaron Rowand.

"I've explained that situation to him personally on a number of occasions," said Williams, responding to Anderson's comments. "If he doesn't get it by now, maybe I'll have to put it in a form letter to him so he can re-read it over and over.

"But Brian is a talent that should not be just another Major League player. He can be a special Major League player for a long time. If he's committed and focused, he's always been a hard worker, but sometimes it takes taking a step back to take two steps forward."

What's the explanation Kenny? That your crazy manager prefers Erstad and Owens? I could understand it, if there was a legitimate CF there but those two? Tell me one thing either of those two does better than Brian over the entire season. Come on ...

In other news, ESPN's Sportsnation asks "Who's the face of the White Sox?" Look for Jim's answer tomorrow. My answer? Mark Buehrle.