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Ozzie Guillen thinks a leadoff hitter should have high OBP

Ozzie's thinking:

Jerry Owens' solid play since returning to the White Sox has made him a leading candidate to fill the White Sox leadoff spot in 2008, depending on the offseason maneuvers pulled off by general manager Ken Williams. But with Jim Thome sitting seven home runs short of reaching the 500 plateau, Guillen might hit the left-hander first in September, if he needs the help.

Thome actually has the qualities Guillen desires in a leadoff man, namely the ability to get on base consistently.

"Make sure he gets one more at-bat than anyone else," said Guillen with a smile of Thome. "And he has the best on-base percentage.

"Why does it do any good if you're a leadoff guy who can run but can't hit or get on the bases? A lot of people are wrong about the leadoff man. A leadoff hitter should have a higher on-base percentage than anyone else."

Thome has two at-bats in the leadoff spot during his illustrious career, both as a pinch-hitter.

I like the "A lot of people are wrong."

More Ozzie inside.

Ozzie on the Fields-Crede situation:

Guillen doesn't sound too enthused about the possibility of Fields in left, but that's because he stresses defense and the rookie isn't as quick as the manager would like from a left fielder.

"Joe's going to play third and this kid, I don't know. I don't think this kid -- he's proven he can play in the big leagues and he's proven he can be better. But, in the end of the day, we have a decision to be made and that decision's not easy. It's up to Crede's contract, Crede's health, how we can use him. The way we're going to do it, believe me, it's going to be the best for the ballclub. We're not going to do anybody any favors, we're not going to please anybody. We went through so much and blamed (for things), we're not going to just make people happy and smile `okay, we do whatever they think we should do.' Whatever Kenny, myself and the coaching staff do, it's going to be the best decision for the club. What's going to be the best decision. I don't know that yet."