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Ozzie Guillen wants everybody back

Ozzie expects the entire coaching stuff to return next year:

"I don't see why not, as long as those guys are doing their job. As long as they keep working the way they are, as long as they can still help us. I don't blame the coaching staff, I blame myself. I take full responsibility because I know those guys do everything in their power to make those guys get better."

Guillen said the coaches have taken on additional teaching duties with the influx of young players.

"[The coaches] are always going to take the blame when you don't have success. When we win, I don't see any of the players, anybody say, 'Wow, thank God for Greg Walker, Don Cooper. We win.'"


In other news,

  • Phil Rogers wants the Sox to give Heath Phillips a long look in September, three or four starts at least.
  • Jim takes a look at the Astros firings. He, also, has some some great pictures up from his trip to Damashke field in Oneonta, NY, home of the Oneonta Tigers (rookie ball).

And here's the latest Palehose 7 strip: The Scene.