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Ozzie Guillen finds a way to get 5 extra wins

And he doesn't have to lift a finger! Just get Santana out of the Twins:

"In the past, they haven't been an organization that has traded players away at this time of the season. They usually look to add a piece. Johan is the face of the organization. He is frustrated and might be saying stuff he will regret, but I can see why he said it. If Santana is leaving that organization, that means that we will win at least four or more five games a year. I hope he moves out of there. I'll be glad. I hope he goes to the National League and wins 40 games there."
BTW, Joe Cowley's latest: The Sox (and Tigers) have copied the Twins model, only they've have thrown more money in it. Yeah, just look at our farm system.

In other news,

  • The Sun-Times says if Gavin Floyd continues struggling, Gio and Egbert "will jump over him quickly in the team's plans."
  • The Dugout takes on yesterday's Sox game.
  • AAA OF Ryan Sweeney is bothered by a sore wrist.
  • Rob Mackowiak, in his 1st start for San Diego, went 2-for-5, with 2 runs and a stolen base. Oh, he also batted leadoff.

And here's the latest Palehose 7 strip: The Most Rehabby Man in the World.