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Don't stop believin'

"I would give Ozzie an 'A.' This team never packed it in, and I give Ozzie credit. -- Jerry Reinsdorf
"I finally have to admit it -- we're horse shit. I thought we were just playing bad, but, no, we're horse shit." -- Ozzie Guillen
It's hard to argue that Ozzie hasn't quit when he refuses to get Jermaine Dye off the bench or find a way to get any right-handed pitcher into the game against Sammy Sosa in an extra inning game. Either he doesn't care, or he's incompetent. Take your pick.
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My router has been crapping out with increasing regularity, which partially explains my lack of presence here lately. I'll try to add a post in this space tonight (no guarantees). I promise i'll get it fixed this weekend, so that the lack of posts will be entirely a reflection of my apathy towards this sorry excuse for a baseball team.

Use this thread for your morning venting.