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Toby loves Bobby

Nathaniel Whalen interviews Toby Hall:

Who's got the best voice?

Yeah. He is my hidden American Idol winner.

I wouldn't have guessed that.
I know.


Which teammate would you pick first in a brawl?
Bobby. He's a strong boy.

That's what everyone says. Do you think he'd be able to fight dirty enough?
Yeah. Nobody would be able to reach around him and he could break away from you.

Who in baseball would stand a chance against him?
Some little, quick guy. Probably (Dave) Roberts or something. Somebody who could sneak in and out.


If you had to get a tattoo of a teammate, who would it be?
Got to do Bobby again -- it's a face a mother would love.


In other news, Danks will skip a start with Floyd starting Saturday and Contreras Sunday. And Whalen predicts ¡Profundo! will return next year.