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Walker's critics don't have a brain

That's Jerry Reinsdorf's diagnosis:

"Walker hasn't been maligned by anybody with a brain. Absolutely, [the coaching staff] works hard, but that's not necessarily the test. It's how good you are, and I think they are all very good. Each guy really does a great job in his particular area."
Ozzie on Joe Crede:
"We haven't seen this kid in a little while and we hope he can still play. We wish we win with Joe Crede. But in the meanwhile, I'm not going to do Joe Crede a favor, play him for a year and all of a sudden he leaves us. If Crede is ready to play in a White Sox uniform, he will play. I'm not going to rehab him here and we don't know what we are going to do with him the year after that. Obviously, I'd love him to play every day if Joe Crede comes here to produce and play good. I want to know how exactly he is, how he is going to be in Spring Training and how his back is going to hold up. Then we'll look at him."
In other news,
  • Josh Fields will make a brief appearance in the instructional league in Arizona (which runs from Sept. 22 to Oct. 13, according to the Tribune) in order to polish his left-field skills. Ryan Sweeney will report to the instructional league on Sept. 16, before going in the Arizona Fall League.
  • Gooch back to Japan? Nah.
And look inside for Ozzie's latest Santana plan.

[Scot Gregor]

Same old, same old: Johan Santana can be beaten.

While the Minnesota Twins' ace starter again got the best of the White Sox on Sunday at U.S. Cellular Field, Santana is 0-5 against the first-place Cleveland Indians this season.

"I asked the Cleveland people, 'Why do you have so much success against Santana this season?' " Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said. "They said, 'Well, we just go out and swing. We don't look for any pitch or any situation or any fastball, just whatever you see go and hack.' "

It has been a disappointing season for Santana (15-11), the American League's defending Cy Young Award winner. But he improved his career record against the White Sox to 13-5 (3-0 this season), pitching 7 innings Sunday and allowing 1 run on 5 hits while striking out 10.

After addressing the media following Saturday's win over the Twins, Guillen spotted Santana's father in the hallway.

"I told his dad I was going to kidnap him," Guillen said. "This kid is one of the best in the league and one of the hardest for us. He's a Cy Young winner for a reason."