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Danks to the "bullpen"

Danks has officially been moved to the bullpen, but there's a good possibility he has thrown his last pitch this season due to the 139 innings he has already thrown. Here's Coop:

"We're not mentioning Danks right now. We're going to talk to him and have him do some sidelines. He's going to be in the bullpen, but it's more we're going to be working on some things, things we've talked about this year, and also preparing for anything he might have left in the bullpen, as well as for next year. Again, it goes back to us wanting to take care of Danks."
From Ozzie's plans for next year:
While Guillen remains a proponent of adding speed to the lineup, he joked Wednesday how more speed doesn't do any good if hitters can't get on base.
what do you mean joked?

BTW, Sox assistant GM Rick Hahn doesn't want the Pittsburgh GM job:

"[W]hen I weigh all the factors, it's not a perfect fit for me at this time. Therefore, I've removed my name from consideration."

And here's Coop, again, on Danks' sideline bullpen sessions during his time out of the rotation before yesterday's start:

"If you're looking at just the work, the first full season, rookie, young left-hander, the work that had to be put in at his delivery is, to me, major stuff at this level. Major stuff was done. This wasn't some little things. They were big things, and he's handled them well. We're working every day on the side to continue that. We're more consistent with his pitches, and I think we've seen that. We're working on a lot of things that really, you really don't want to have to do here, but if we don't do it, he doesn't have same chances to continue to grow and get better."