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Not enough Yaz on your life?

Just ask Hawk and he'll give you some more:

"To this day, I've never seen anybody have a better year than that," said Ken "Hawk" Harrelson, now a White Sox broadcaster and then [1967] a wingman to Yaz in the Boston batting order. "The numbers have been better and all that. But I'm from the old school. Don't tell me what you hit, tell me when you hit it. I've never seen anyone have a year like that since then. He's Mr. Renaissance of baseball in New England."
"We were the third-best team," said Harrelson. "Minnesota was the best team, Detroit was the second-best team and we were the third-best team. The White Sox [who finished three games out] had the best pitching, but they didn't have any hitting. Even though Minnesota and Detroit were better, they didn't have Yaz. We had Yaz. And we knew it."
"We just jumped on his coattails and just let him take us all the way to the World Series," said Harrelson.

BTW, would you trade Jon Garland for Anthony Reyes and one of Jaime Garcia and Blake Hawksworth? If the Cardinals think that's too much, like lboros thinks, what will you settle for?