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How old is Alexei Ramirez?

Does it matter? Even if you add three years to each of his reported birthdays -- Yes, he's got two of them -- he'll still be younger than any of the other free agents available this spring. His age shouldn't change any team's scouting report or view of his major league viability.

At his reported age of 26, he's nearly at his projected peak as a ballplayer. If he's not ready to play in the big leagues now, chances are, he never will. He's already too old to be stashed away in the minors. So the question facing the White Sox, and the rest of the teams in baseball for that matter, is, do you feel Alexei Ramirez can make your '08 team a better club? And how much are you willing to spend to that end?

For those of you who are still confused by those first two paragraphs: Alexei Ramirez is a Cuban defector who could be available as a free agent (SS/2B/CF) this off-season.

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