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Walker explains what went wrong

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He spent too much time with the young guys:

"We screwed it up. The whole organization screwed it up, and we know it. Now we're going to try and fix it. I know this is going to sound stupid, but I'm already looking forward to next spring training. As a coaching staff and as a manager, part of our strength is the passion that we have for this organization. And the fact that we did so badly this year, you can either quit and go home, or you can do something about it. We made some mistakes, going back to last spring - hell, going back to last winter. We know some things that we missed on this year. Just looking back on last spring, I spent a lot of time with the young guys - Josh Fields and guys like that, Jerry Owens - but ultimately, they didn't have a chance to make our team at the start of the year. Next spring, me and Mike Gellinger will spend a majority of the time with our guys, the big boys. Just little things like that. We have a deep passion here to get this thing right."
Paulie doesn't agree:
"I know what 'Walk' is saying, but we did the same exact things in the World Series year. I'm always going to come back to that on any of those points."
Ozzie says:
"You have to have the right people. If you talk with Jim Thome, Jermaine [Dye], [Paul] Konerko about hitting and running, then we are wasting time."
As southsideirish71 pointed out, Walker was singing a different tune 2 weeks ago.
In other news,
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  • Ozzie's AL Rookie of the Year? Brian Bannister.

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