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Buehlre kills bear, Sex Cannon unharmed

Mark Buehrle killed a bear, so did Owens, Romo, and the Cowboys. The Bears, a team many picked to return to the Super Bowl -- I had them at 9-7 -- look very much like a they'll miss the post-season, and are starting to mirror the White Sox terrible season.

* * * * *

Gavin Floyd was 1 out from recording his 5th straight Quality Start, but inconsistent mechanics, perhaps from being tired, got to him in the 6th inning. As he was known to do in Charlotte this season, Floyd really struggled with his command and was hit (maybe not hard, but good enough to find the open spots in the field) after reaching 90 pitches.

Ozzie Guillen did the right thing by leaving him out there to try and work through it, and Don Cooper gave him every opportunity to recover by coming out for a mound visit. But Floyd couldn't escape the 6th without further damage.

If Floyd is ever going to be an above average pitcher at the major league level, he'll have to figure out how to finish off his outings. But I was again encouraged by his start. It looks to me like he can be a back of the rotation guy for next season, opening options to move one (or possibly two) of Contreras/Garland.

With Danks and Floyd both figuring to be 5-6 inning pitchers, Kenny will need to provide Ozzie with a viable option for a long man. Egbert gets my early vote.