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"You have to bring a certain amount to the table in order to get it done."

Coop on the 2007 season:

"I'm not walking away from this thing questioning myself. The work I put in, it just didn't get it done. I can go into more -- yeah, we failed [with Andrew] Sisco and [David] Aardsma -- but you have to bring a certain amount to the table, too, in order to get it done, a certain amount of tools. The job is to win a major-league ballgame. The players are the tools to get it done, and you have to bring a certain amount. If you don't, we can't get it done. If people want to look at them as failures by us, I'm fine with that. But go look at all the successes, and they far outweigh the failures -- far outweigh them. ... I don't walk away from this thinking, 'Geez, I took dumb pills.' I walk away from this more determined to win. I don't walk away and say, 'Well, this was a bad coaching job this year.' The bottom line is we didn't play well. We're doing the same thing here that we did awhile ago. This has always been a players' game. It's the players that go out there and play. It's on us to try and prepare them and put them in a situation that they can succeed the fastest, but, hey, you know what? They haven't done the job. ... I don't worry about my job. If someone wants to tap me on the shoulder and say, 'Get outta here,' well, that's it, that's their business. But I wouldn't walk away with my head down, that's for sure. I'm comfortable in my own skin, and at the end of each day, I know whether I've done everything I can do or not. I hope the players look at it that way."

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