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Ozzie Guillen booked his vacation

That's the spirit. Let's mail it in for the remainder of this season:

Guillen usually waits until pretty much the final pitch has been thrown before making offseason plans with his family. During this miserable 2007 campaign, Guillen started setting up his vacation a bit earlier.

"It's the first time I was making arrangement, two days ago," Guillen said. "I need to go on vacation where nobody knows about baseball."


Are the Dodgers thinking to trade Matt Kemp for a veteran? Call up Coletti Kenny. Yesterday. Who they want? Anyone goes:

The kid gloves are off. After watching their youth movement crash and burn against a wall of reality last week, the Dodgers are quietly mulling a slight change of direction. The kids are no longer untouchable. At least one of those kids could be the centerpiece in a winter trade that could bring the team a badly needed veteran star. That kid could be Matt Kemp.
"The kids aren't perfect, they're not complete yet," Colletti said. "I will not trade them for a chance to win for one year. But for a chance to win for many years? I'd do it in a heartbeat." Colletti intimated he would use these trades, first, to find a legitimate star. The Dodgers need a legitimate star, in the prime of his career, who can lead on and off the field.
The Dodgers don't feel that giving up on Kemp means giving up on the youngsters. They could still have an opening day lineup that includes, Martin, Loney, Tony Abreu and Andre Ethier, with Billingsley in the rotation and Broxton in the bullpen. They feel that, with the right surrounding cast, these kids have a chance to win next season. And if it means trading the flashiest one to make that happen, they'll do it.
Thanks to Ryno for the pointer.

In other news,

  • Sox announce tentative 2008 regular-season home schedule (press release). We, also, go to San Francisco (May 16-18) and Dodger Stadium.
  • Jerry Reinsdorf is disappointed with the Sox season. And Mark Gonzales thinks there will make noticeable changes.
  • Nathaniel Whalen sees Kenny to want to keep MacDougal and Ozzie to want to get rid of him.
  • Jim looks at some of our pitching corps.