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"Chalk it up as a bad year."

Jermaine Dye believes a little too deep of analysis might be in play for what really has just been a miserable season for the White Sox:

"Chalk it up as a bad year. A lot of things went wrong as far as injuries. With us winning the World Series two years ago and having a year like we did this year, it makes it bigger than it really is. It's a learning process for everyone, and if we feel like we are getting into a rut, we have to find a way to climb out faster than this year."

In other news,

  • Ozzie said Andy Gonzalez will get upcoming back-to-back starts at shortstop before the season ends.
  • Next week's rotation, according to Coop: Floyd on Monday, Danks on Tuesday and Javy on Wednesday. Buehrle will be skipped in order to keep his innings down. Coop is aboard the Pedro Alvarez express too.
  • The new Sox ad-agency: Chicago-based Energy BBDO.
  • Erstad to Detroit next year? The missing piece.
  • Kenny to deal Masset, Aardsma, or Sisco?
  • Winter Ball: OF Ryan Swenney is going to the AFL (Phoenix Desert Dogs), while CF Brian Anderson and LHP Andrew Sisco will play for Águilas de Mexicali (Baja California) of the Mexican Pacific League.