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Is that a code-word for 'soon to be traded'? From Scott Merkin's 2008 preview:

Despite the above list of big-ticket players who have decided to go elsewhere, their absence really just leaves Williams with one spot to fill in the outfield. As Williams has previously pointed out, that perceived vacancy doesn't leave the White Sox in dire straits with young talent such as fleet-footed Jerry Owens or a re-focused and defensively gifted Brian Anderson still available to fill the center field slot.

"Jerry Owens played one heck of a center field and created that Scott Podsednik sparkplug type at the top," said Williams of Owens, who hit .340 during September of last season and finished with the highest stolen base total among all rookies in the Major Leagues at 32.

"When I got recalled again in early July, I went up with a different attitude," Owens added. "I was thankful for that second chance to prove I could contribute, but in that second time, I just trusted my ability, played as hard as I could and let things happen."

As the lineup currently stands, either Owens or Orlando Cabrera, the team's new addition at shortstop, would hit at the top of the order. But the White Sox envisioned Cabrera as the perfect second hitter and are looking for a little better on-base potential than Owens' .324 on-base percentage in 2007.

And that conundrum brings the White Sox back to the pursuit of a veteran outfielder. The free agent avenue appears to have been exhausted, with the pursuit of Coco Crisp or Willy Taveras via trade as possibilities.

No Alexei Ramirez mention [here, but Merkin mentions him in his mailbag]. And since Merkin says 'the free agent avenue appears to have been exhausted' regarding veteran outfielders, I guess the possibilities of Mike Cameron wearing a Sox uniform in 2008 aren't good.
In other news,
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  • Scott Merkin has been "researching [Alexei] Ramirez's past playing days in Cuba and talking to people who have watched him in action, it sounds as if Ramirez can play second, shortstop and even handle the job responsibilities in center field." But "Don't look for Ramirez to take over in center on a full-time basis."
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